My story and background

Bringing joy and inspiration to your day – that’s my motivation and passion.

As a graphic designer and web developer, working with typography and imagery is my profession. Besides my jobs I always made designs and composings. For myself and for my friends.

Until I decided to give a home to my passion and share my works with a bigger audience. Here it is now – The Atelier Gallery!

Thanks a lot for visiting my atelier,
your’s Mo Nimo

High quality products

As a graphic designer with 20+ years experience in print media, I have the highest quality standards in printing excellence. The files for download are made with all my expertise. I want you to have only the best!

Printful is at my side as producer. A print on demand company that delivers the best quality and great customer service. Depending on the address of the customer, production takes place in the USA or Europe.

I hope you enjoy browsing the portfolio and the shop.


Discover the series

I create in series because I love it, when everything
works nicely together. hope you share my passion.